James M. Drawdy (b. 1844, d. 7-16-1863)

James M. Drawdy of Company A , was killed on July 16, 1863 “by stroke of lightning” .  On July 19th, Captain William Daniel Dixon of the Republican Blues, who were stationed at Fort McAllister, commented on the incident in his journal.  “…There was a sad accident happened to Maj. Anderson’s Picket which left this post last Thursday.  On their way to Camp a storm came up and while passing through an old field one was struck by lightning in the head and instantly killed.  His horse was also killed.  Three others were very badly hurt but I believe they are doing well.  The one that was killed had a gash in his head just like the cut of a knife.  It must have passed through his brain” .


William T. Drawdy ((b. 1838, m. 4-26-1866)


William T. Drawdy enlisted September 22, 1862 at Waynesville with Capt. Hopkins. Pvt. Drawdy was with the 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry, Co. A until, through consolidation of units, he was transferred to Co. G, 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry.

Pvt. Drawdy's records show that he was present on all roll calls through October '64. In October he was without a horse. He served right up to April 9, 1865 and surrendered near Appomattox.




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